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Jan 02 2008

Crocodile Terrorism: Tragicomedy, with an Emphasis on the Comedy

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Quote of the Day:

Agent Orange: Few things are more pathetic than the crocodile terrorist. Yep. They can’t even do that right.

The Crocodile Intellect

And they talk like thisssssss…

We already knew that mammals > crocodiles, but this also indicates that mammal-insects > crocodiles. But Spiderman foolishly let the crocodile escape, which is further proof that alligators > mammal-insects.

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Jan 02 2008

New Category: Writing About Superheroes

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I recently added a category, Writing About Superheroes. So far, I have some articles devoted to character design (like the Superhero Questionnaire and Superpower List). Additionally, novelists and other writers that are trying to adapt somewhat niche material to a mainstream audience might appreciate Making Your Story Less “Weird” and More Novel and the Transformation/Nonhuman Questionnaire.

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Jan 02 2008

McCain’s son graduated from WHERE?

 A Time article had the following correction. 

An article on Thursday about John McCain’s relationship with his children misstated, in some editions, the site of a graduation ceremony for Mr. McCain’s son Jimmy, which was attended by several siblings. Jimmy McCain graduated from Marine boot camp; there is no Marine Academy.

“There is no Marine Academy.” Yeah, Time. Any college football fan could tell you Marines play for the Naval Academy, one of an elite group of nine teams that beat Notre Dame this year.


I’ll chalk this up to a crucial misalignment of football fans, rather than a “I-hope-someone-at-Time-knows-military-stuff.”


And, just in case anyone at Time’s Human Resources Department is reading (wink wink), I know the difference between Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada and a Hawaiian death-threat.

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