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Dec 27 2010

Flyover City is finished!

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Joel Wyatt just finished his 41st issue (chapter) of his free superhero story.  It strikes me as sort of a Seinfeldesque take on superheroes.  Here’s the protagonist reflecting on a fight between a superhero and a villain.

But you would be mistaken. Centrifuge, man: this guy’s got class, style… that certain je ne sais quoi that makes him the perfect dark horse for your super-group. His body’s center of gravity shifts wildly when he’s under stress, like the beads in one of those South American rainsticks, making the guy FLIP OUT, like a Topsy-Turvy Titan.

Now that is a freakin’ subtitle. Market analysis my balls.

“But Joel,” you say, “He didn’t even win the battle. Deacon Struck got away.”

“You, sir,” I retort, “are a dildo.”

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Dec 25 2010

Tales from the Bully Pulpit was incredible

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Tales from the Bully Pulpit was 84 pages of this.  Teddy Roosevelt steals HG Wells’ time machine and meets up with Thomas Edison’s ghost to stop Argentinian Nazis from conquering Mars.

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Dec 23 2010

Luke’s Review Forum

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This story is about a maintenance man that discovers that reality is managed and operated by a group of eccentric bureaucrats.

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Dec 16 2010

Awale’s Review Forum

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Hawk was abandoned by his parents as an infant, they gave him a way to a random wanderer. You see, his parents were the heads of the Ordanos clan, the world of “Battle” (comic’s name) is ruled by clans or tribes as you might call them. Each Clan earned it’s right to leadership due to being adept at life-force sorcery, a special magic that involves using one’s life-force.

Most infants in a clan are born with good genes and are quite adept at manifesting their life-force energy, it’s like talking or walking to them. However Hawk was a unique case, he lacked the natural ability and talent that most nobility were born with and he was born with a weak bone structure. His parents ashamed of having such a low class child, gave him away.

Hawk revisited his hometown or at least the territory his clan use to own at the age of fifteen, after having traveled the world with the wanderer, he mastered several fighting styles and became an adept street fighter as well. He wanted to make a name for himself in order to be acknowledged, he didn’t know who his parents were but simply knew that they abandoned him, a fact that made him sort of aggressive, since he wanted to prove his strength.

He eventually encountered two lieutenants of the current leader of his hometown of Power City, the new leaders weren’t a clan but a gang by the name of The Olympians, with their leader calling himself Zeus. Hawk got all high and mighty and decided to fight them however since he wasn’t a life-force sorcerer and they were, they crushed him. This defeat led him to ask the wanderer if he could learn life-force sorcery from him.The wanderer was a powerful sorcerer and told Hawk it would be a difficult journey especially for someone with his weak skills but he was determined.

He now comes back to Power city after six years, now being twenty one and he wishes to face Zeus and free the city, another goal of his is to beat Zeus in order to prove his power. As they fight he learns that him and Zeus are twin brothers and that Zeus killed their parents and took over with a gang to break the cycle of clans and eventually take over the world.

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Dec 16 2010

Russ’ Review Forum

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Dec 15 2010

Sweet victory–my inbox is empty!

I’ve responded to all of the review requests, comments and e-mails in my inbox.  If you are still waiting on a response, please re-post the comment or re-send your e-mail (to superheronation-at-gmail-dot-com).  Thanks!

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Dec 10 2010

Ill’s Review Forum

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I’m working on a superhero story about a struggle between two masterminds and their ideals: Maya, a cheerful, impulsive girl who hates all humans because of her ability to read minds, and Donovan Haw (based off of the Doings of Raffles Haw), a multi-billionaire who traveled the world in an attempt to make the world a better place.

The superhero story is for a doujin game to be sold in Japan. It’s a Visual Novel, a “choose-your-own-adventure” game with scenery and pictures of the main characters.

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Dec 10 2010

Anti-zombie research is proceeding apace

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The U.S. Army bought about 100,000 M4s last fiscal year, improving the nation’s zombie readiness levels from “doomed” to “screwed.”  In your face, zombies! Also, the Navy is working on a electromagnetic railgun.  When the zombie dolphins are upon us, we’ll be ready.
It's not like Aquaman's gonna stop them.

Other exciting military technology that could mess some zombies up:

  • Nuclear rifles
  • Flying jeeps
  • Chain-saw robots.  Brilliantly, these would be powered by biomass furnaces, which would keep fallen humans and plants from turning into enemy combatants.  (Also, gasoline would surely be in shorter supply than bodies).

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Dec 10 2010

Plot synopsis haikus

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Here’s a wacky writing challenge inspired by Sporcle.  Write a plot synopsis as a haiku.  Here’s my favorite, one for Don Quixote:

Delusional man

Partner rides on a donkey

Terrorist windmills

Post yours below!

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Dec 03 2010

Best premise I’ve encountered this month: Top Ten

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Top Ten: “A killer who believes himself an artist of unmatched talent is incensed by being placed last on the FBI’s most wanted list, and begins killing off those fugitives above him, each in a twisted manner that serves his creative vision.”  Hopefully your two-sentence synopsis is that interesting!

Hat-tip: J.A. Konrath.

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