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Jan 08 2008

Superhero Nation: The Movie

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It’ll have ridiculously confusing time travel, wholly implausible use of a space station as a doomsday device, and more national landmarks than you can shake a standard-issue NASA laser pistol at. But Hollywood will want a name that can appeal to a global market. I’ll call it… Planet of the Capes.

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Jan 08 2008

Boy Scouts 1, Assassins 0

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In comic book stories, “Boy Scout” is generally used as a pejorative for any character that’s too heroic (usually Superman). Maybe knocking the Boy Scouts isn’t a good idea…

Boy Scout Grabs Attacker’s Knife, Saves Maldives President from Assassination.

I wonder which Merit Badge he was going for.

How will the assassin explain this to his boss? “I was about to stab Gayoom. And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for that meddling kid!”

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Jan 08 2008

Superhero and Supervillain Naming Conventions

This article presents six tips about what works and what usually doesn’t when you’re naming your superheroes and villains. Find out why Mischief-Man is much worse than Mayhem.

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