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Jun 18 2007

Our Mission Statement

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I provide advice about how to write novels, comic books and graphic novels. Most of my content applies to fiction-writing in general, but I also provide articles specifically about superhero stories.

There are already thousands of writing websites out there.  Why do we need another?

1.  Most writing websites don’t handle superhero stories very well. If you want to check whether superstrength or superspeed fits your story better, a generic writing website like Critters Writers Workshop is rarely helpful.  They aren’t used to superhero stories.  In contrast, we handle superhero-specific advice every day.  If you have a question about writing superhero stories, I can almost guarantee that we can help you.

2.  Most writing websites are not particularly well-suited for teens or new writers. Young writers are a special breed because they aren’t used to the extremely cutthroat world of publishing yet.  For example, a high school paper that has 2-3 typos per page might get an A.  But a manuscript with 2-3 typos per page will get rejected.  In high school, almost every paper passes.  At most publishers, more than 99% of unsolicited manuscripts are rejected.   It takes most young writers a a lot of hard work to adjust to the ridiculously high standards of professional writing.   As a 20-something myself, I’m familiar both with the publishing world and the experiences of a young writer.

3.  Most writing communities are dominated by sloppy comments. Let me make a law-enforcement analogy: New York City found that fixing broken windows reduced crime because broken windows suggested to the community that crime was usual.  Similarly, on a writing website, poorly written comments are like broken windows.  We aggressively edit our comments because we want to set high standards for our guests.  When you submit to a publisher, I want publishers to take you seriously.  That starts with grammar and spelling.  If your grammar and spelling are bad, you won’t last a minute in the publisher’s office.  I’m not exaggerating.  Not even a minute.

4.  Most writing workshops are slow. I’m very fond of Critters, but waiting six weeks for 5-20 reviews struck me as unacceptably slow. On Superhero Nation, almost all of our review forums generate at least 20 comments within a few weeks.

5.  I really want you to succeed and I am friendly and patient enough to do my part. In contrast, many publishing professionals are cynical and impatient.  They don’t have the time to help prospective writers.  It’s easier for them to reject any remotely flawed manuscripts and keep looking for the one or two manuscripts in the pile that are thoroughly excellent.

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