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Apr 05 2014

Captain America 2…

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My expectations were far too high — with a Rotten Tomatoes rating of ~90% at the time I saw it, I was expecting a really excellent movie. There were a lot of competent moments but personally I wouldn’t recommend rushing out to theaters to see it.

In Scott Pilgrim, there’s a scene where Chris Evans (Captain America’s actor) parodies a really bad action star. Captain America 2 gave him so little to work with that I feel he came off like the bad action star.

Some notable issues with the movie:

  • In terms of genre, the first CA movie was an unusually fun summer action movie. I found it very exciting, although the level of seriousness was not notably high (i.e. it’s mainly a movie about stopping Nazi/Hydra researchers from taking over the world). This movie took itself far more seriously than the characters were able to support. Iron Man or James Bond might possibly have been able to make a conspiracy/thriller movie work without it feeling silly. With Captain America, it was like a pretty goofy take on Person of Interest.
  • Generally, I think the key factors separating a good superhero movie from a great one are almost always comedy and character development. (There are exceptions, most notably Dark Knight, but I don’t think we’re looking at one here). Unlike the first Captain America movie, this movie had virtually no humor and I found the characters less interesting.
  • I felt the villain selection was unusually ineffective. Personally, I would have recommended using a different enemy team than Hydra and taken out the Winter Soldier altogether. (Everything about the Winter Soldier felt overly like a comic book, which is probably not the best fit for a thriller with political aspirations).

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