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Jan 17 2008

Ridiculously Crass Caption of the Day

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Ex-SECDEF Rumsfeld, Spiderman and Captain America

Rumsfeld only realized at the last second that he had left his blue-and-red suit at home. Even Captain America was sympathetic.

The picture was used in a 2005 Washington Post article on Defense-Marvel cooperation. On the Superhero Nation Scale of Cluelessness, I give its author a 7 out of 10.

  1. “It’s clobberin’ time!” is the first sentence. Ouch. Even if the article mentioned The Thing, that would be inexcusable.

  2. “…Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (normal human strength, no known superpowers)…” Heh.

  3. Use of the phrase “G-man”: solid. Use of the phrase “G-man” to describe a government bureaucrat: questionable.
  4. “Either Marvel Comics is really hard up for readers and needs an ultra-dynamic, Pentagon-heavy publicity gimmick to boost its sales, or Rumsfeld is finally ready to admit that only a superhero can extricate us from Iraq.” Translation: I don’t write for the editorial page, but I want to.

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