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Jan 12 2008

The Anglosphere Cringes, Part 4

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The government of Northern Ireland has managed to simultaneously embarrass comic-book fans and English speakers in general.  According to its website:

Six super heroes swept into Belfast today to help launch a unique new comic aimed at promoting and defending the rights of small children.

Herbie Healthy, Sophie Safe, Archie Achiever, Emer the Eco Girl, Donna Does-a-lot and Rory Rights… joined Junior Ministers Gerry Kelly and Ian Paisley Jnr at the headquarters of the play agency, PlayBoard, to unveil the “Super Six” comic to a group of primary school children.

[end quote]

Some quick thoughts.

  1. Northern Ireland has a “play agency.” !?!

  2. I think any self-respecting three-year-old would burst into tears if forced to read any comic book about Donna Does-a-lot or Emer the Eco Girl. In fact, even conceiving these comics is an attack on the dignity and rights of children.

  3. “super heroes” and “super powers” look awkward. I recommend “superheroes” and “superpowers”. Would you want to read Super Hero Nation? That sounds like a Japanese drinking game.

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