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May 09 2016

Long distance moving rates are out of control

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I was looking at a few relocation scenarios. Some observations:

  1. Long-distance moves are helluva expensive. FedEx quoted me $500 to move a 40 lb box from Chicago to Tokyo. That’s around 10x per pound-mile what NASA would pay for a trip to the moon. Also, FedEx insurance is extra, and you’re definitely not getting any moon rocks.
  2. Even long-distance moves within the U.S. are fairly expensive. For a small Chicago-DC move, the least ridiculous Potomac mover was a few thousand dollars (495 Movers). If I drive it in myself, I think there’s a 10%+ chance of a major accident, decapitation, and/or high speed chase*, so hiring a moving company might actually be cheaper in the long run.

*My driving is so bad I once got in a low-speed chase with a possibly sober deputy by accident. If you’re comfortable driving 6+ hrs without incident, I’d recommend that instead. Just give yourself 2-3 days to spread out the driving.

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