Jan 26 2008

Name Generators

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I came across the Dragon Name Generator. You type in a name and it gives you a “totally original name.” I typed in Agent Orange and got (I kid you not) Bucky the Flaming. Agent Orange responds.


&*(# you and your Wisconsin football too. I’ll give you flaming Bucky.


There are many things we can say about Wisconsin football… none of them publishable


“He was like that when I found him, officer.”

Any “Dragon Name Generator” that gives overwhelmingly mammalian names like Bucky is highly dubious.


Then I put in “Jacob Mallow,” just for kicks. It gave me “Lady Predash the Weak.”




I also approve of the Singapore Idol Stagename Generator, which turns Agent OJ into the appropriate “Quick End” and Courtney McMaster into “Empty Vessel.” However, it turns Captain Carnage into “Disco Boy.” To its credit, that is only a few letters away from the correct “Destruction Boy.”

And I also enjoyed the Science Fiction name generator, but its Alien Name Genator is awful. Its Cyberpunk feature is far superior, not least of which because it spat out Clockwork Orange once. >”-[ [ [ [ ~~~ (that’s a smiling alligator in case you couldn’t tell… nimrod).


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  1. Charles Mcwhirton 14 Sep 2013 at 2:14 pm

    that dragon name generator looks pretty awesome. I use it quite often to name my WOW characters lol. Anyway, good read.

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