Jan 30 2008

Community Guidelines

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Hello. Are you interested in getting professionally published?  We’d love to look at your work, but please keep these guidelines in mind.

  1. Writing talent is not required, but a good writing attitude is.  Please don’t get defensive or angry about comments you receive.  Apply what you want and move on.
  2. If your post is longer than 500 words, please try your best at spelling, grammar and punctuation.  If we’ve done multiple revisions of your work and yer stil wriing lyk ths, we’re probably going to move on to prospective authors with more potential.   At that point, I would suggest taking a basic writing class or hiring a book-doctor.  (At $10-12 per hour, I’m a distinctly cheap book-doctor and Cadet Davis charges about $15-20).
  3. We have a fast turnaround time, usually about a day.  If no one responds within a day, feel free to leave a reminder post.  Please don’t leave more than one reminder a day.

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