Jan 29 2008

Story of the Day: Stingy College Students

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I attend a university whose many strengths definitely do not include a high wealth-to-tipping ratio. How stingy are students here?

Six strangers got into a van from the airport to campus. It cost $3 each. We all handed over a $5. Four people asked for a dollar back. I was really taken aback by that outlandish pettiness, so I handed over a $10 and took no change back, more to make them feel bad about themselves than because I’m innately generous.  After I tipped, two of them asked for another dollar back.

Understandably, few cabbies do the airport-to-campus line, even though the trainstop there produces a lot of cab passengers. So there’s often some jostling to get to the cabs. I’m not much of a jostler– my bag is heavy as hell– so I didn’t even try to go for the first wave of cabs.

One of the cabs started to drive away, jerked suddenly and pulled a 180 degree turn.

The cabbie rolled down his window, pointed wildly and screamed “YOU!” Then he made the girl in the passenger seat get out to make room.

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