Jan 20 2008

Movie Trailers

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Vantage Point and Harold and Kumar 2 are on the board today.

You can see Vantage Point’s trailer. Two points strike me as somewhat unusual. First, there is an Arab villain. That reminded me of The Sum of All Fears, which replaced its Arabs with white supremacists*.

Second, the writing is awful. The Arab says “the beauty of American arrogance is that they cannot imagine a world where they aren’t a step ahead.” I’ll be the first arrogant American to admit that I definitely won’t be a step ahead of Vantage Point. The President was shot! No, it was a robotic clone! They can’t admit the truth! The Secret Service has been set up! There’s an Arab mastermind! He was in the ambulance the entire time!

Immediately after the President is apparently assassinated, a journalist breathlessly narrates that to her camera that “the President of the United States has just been shot!” No one would be that coherent. “The President’s been shot!” or “Bush’s been shot!” would both be more believable. The acting also looks subpar, which is pretty hard to convey with only a minute-long trailer.

On the plus side, I’ll venture a guess that Harold and Kumar 2: Escape from Guantanamo Bay will be excellent, especially compared to Syriana or the antiwar movie of the month. It may even equal Team America, another movie that understood that frivolity far outclasses self-importance.

*White supremacists are the absolute bottom of the villainous heap.  Starting with the worst, we have:

  1. Generic white supremacists
  2. Greedy businessmen
  3. WWII Nazis
  4. Eurotrash
  5. Deranged zealots
  6. Arabs
  7. Aliens
  8. Fu Manchu
  9. Mad scientists
  10. Ku Fu Chicks (KFCs)
  11. Generic Americans
  12. Canadians
  13. Mad political scientists

Casting directors should note that the American-speaking wolves in the overwhelmingly British Chronicles of Narnia were awesome. And not just because they played Edmund the fool.

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