Jan 20 2008

The Narrator Did Nothing to Deserve This! (Don’t Screw the Salaryman)

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On a whim, I was thinking about downloading the pilot to Bleach, which is a ghosts-and-spirits anime series, on Amazon.com.  (It’s free).  Some quick observations:

  1. The preview sounded bad.  I decided not to download a free episode.
  2. The preview sounded so bad that I actually felt bad for the announcer/narrator, who had to use his Always-Excited Announcer/Narrator voice to deliver lines like “But when she touches him with her sword, Ichigo absorbs most of her power and he too be-comes a Soul Reaver.”  The narrator gamely tried his best to put an unusual inflection on random words, to distract us from how inane the plot sounds, but you can tell.  You can tell that he was really thinking “Sweet Christ, even the Sarah Connor Chronicles wasn’t this bad.”

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