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Jun 04 2009

12 Reasons Skynet Deserves to Lose

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You deserve to lose if…

1. …you have access to every Russian and American ICBM and still cannot exterminate the human race.

2. …you make a human into a cyborg and then show him where to find his control chip. You deserve to have him tear out the control chip and kill you.

3.  …you make a cyborg with a control chip, and the control chip does not prevent him from ripping out the control chip.  What was the control chip doing?

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Sep 11 2008

Fringe Review

The consensus seems to be that Fringe is a less-inspired version of X-Files. What bothered me was the torture sequence.  Allowing torture as a plot device robs interrogation sequences of any semblance of wit and intelligence.  I’d much rather see a foxy cop trick a criminal into confessing than beat it out of him.  (Also, torture is typically a disappointing way to make the hero morally conflicted). But enough about torture.  I’d like to quote one review of Fringe

“Hi, Vague Agent I don’t know from Adam. I’m Nina Sharp, Executive High Muckity-Muck. I’m just going to assume you’re in on the conspiracy.  Oh, by the way, have you seen my absurdly high-tech prosthetic arm? Sorry if this is going too fast, but we only have an hour and a half to out-WTF Lost and The X-Files at the same time. Do try to keep up.”

Some of the mad science was pretty cool, but other aspects were patently ridiculous and goofy (talking to the dead, LSD-communing, etc.)

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Sep 11 2008

Two articles on futuristic weapons and armor that might help inspire a plot or visual

Defense Tech has an article on military exoskeletons.  We haven’t reached the level of killer androids (yet), but strength-enhancement is interesting, too.  (Also, if killer androids are in the works, exoskeletons will help programmers teach the androids how to move naturally, says one commenter).

Popular Mechanics did an article on 5 rifles in development.

They include a submachine gun that can fold into a large pocket…

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Aug 31 2008

Salon asks why the Star Wars trilogy beat LOTR

The author claims that Star Wars was better because it was human-centric rather than world- or action-centric.  Our contributors respond…

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Aug 31 2008

George Lucas Disproves Evolution

Exhibit A:

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Aug 29 2008

An interesting argument about why we’ve never made contact with ETs?

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Maybe Earth is under quarantine?

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Aug 27 2008

The Wrath of Farrakhan

Living Color put together this pretty hilarious blend of Star Trek and Louis Farrakhan.

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Jul 29 2008

Good News and Bad News: the Neuromancer Movie

Fans of trippy science-fiction novels everywhere can rejoice that Neuromancer is getting a movie. In other good news, the movie poster shown by looks pretty stylish and suggests that it won’t be a remake of Swordfish.

The bad news is that Hayden Christensen, the same “actor” that ruined Star Wars and Jumper, is starring as Case. Dare I say that John Travolta could do this better? Egads. How could we have come to the point where John Travolta is the lesser of two acting evils? Hayden [censored]ing Christensen.

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Jul 03 2008

Superhero Nation’s Exam for Novelists

Like The Fantasy Novelist’s Exam, we’ve written a list of questions to help you identify problems with your writing. Continue Reading »

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