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Apr 30 2009

Should You Write Under a Pseudonym?

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Moira Allen provides useful information about pseudonyms here.  Here’s a summary of the best reasons to use a pseudonym.

1.  Your writing could interfere with your day job. If you’re interested in working in a political science or government position and every Google search for your name points to your book about how to write superhero stories, that could be problematic.

2.  You’ve published in a different genre or field and want to distinguish your new work. Your readership might get confused if you’ve always written romance and suddenly you write a sci-fi thriller.  Using a pen-name will help keep those parts of your audience separate.

3.  You suspect that your name will make it harder for readers to relate to you. For example, if you’re a guy writing for women (or vice versa), you might find it helpful to use a gender-neutral name or your initial.  In particular, military action readers are more receptive to male authors and romance readers are more receptive to women.

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Apr 30 2009

I love summer and so does Cthulhu

Summer Fun Cthulhu
Summer Fun Cthulhu! Speaking of summer, it looks like that guy in the back of the photo could use some extra sunlight.

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