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Oct 07 2008

How can one movie’s music succeed and fail so epically?

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1989 Batman.  Except for X-Men 2’s White House scene, I’ve never been so pumped up by a movie’s opening.

It could only have gone downhill from there, but even so… a song by Prince in a Batman movie?  Really?

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Oct 07 2008

Getting close to 100,000 pageviews

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In the next 2-3 weeks, we’ll clear 100,000 pageviews for the year and should clear 125,000 before the year is over.  When we set our New Year’s Resolution, we were hoping for 50,000.  Thanks for your traffic.

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Oct 07 2008

Killer Squirrel Poster

Now that is a revolution in military affairs.  Picture courtesy of

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