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Oct 02 2008

Amusing photograph of the day

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Hat-tip to James Valiant.

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Oct 02 2008

Oblivion Society’s trailer was pretty smooth

This trailer sells an unusual premise effectively.  It also makes a skillful pitch to its target audience with reviews that specifically say that geeks will enjoy the book.  I found its comparisons to other works of geek-culture helpful.  However, I thought that its emotional cues were a bit mixed.  The book-cover makes this look like a light-hearted comedy, but but the only clear emotional image in the trailer is her sobbing as mushroom clouds loom in the background.  There isn’t very much in the trailer that suggests the book is actually funny, or what kind of humor it uses.  For example, if this is a dark comedy about the protagonist and her failure friend trying to survive, it might have helped to show us a glimpse of the comedic relationship between the two characters.

The cover-art was very eye-catching, even though it rips off a famous scene from Dr. Strangelove. My main question is that she appears to have wings on the cover, but the trailer doesn’t mention that strange detail at all.  (My guess is that it’s a nuclear mutation).

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