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Nov 29 2007

An Indepth Forum for R.B.’s Work!

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I provide advice about how to write novels, comic books and graphic novels. Most of my content applies to fiction-writing in general, but I also provide articles specifically about superhero stories.

About the Author: Hola, I’m Ragged Boy, college student and aspiring writer here at Superhero Nation. I enjoy comic books, exercise, procrastination, and bouts of whimsy. I’m interested in the visual and performing arts as well as spirituality, the occult, and philosophy. I think I’m generally amiable so I’m always eager to review your work, give creative input, and take your criticism of my work. I look forward to working and improving with you all.

“Showtime” Series Synopsis (Currently on Hold): San Libre is home to movie stars, gangs, and most recently, aliens intent on enslaving all life. With the help of a batty alien chemist, an offbeat teen actor has to put away his Hollywood fantasies and get real to save humanity.

My target audience: 16-25 comic book readers. I wouldn’t mind appealing to more African-Americans as well. I’d like for their to be more black superheroe which is why a majority of my character’s are African-American. I’m kind of interested in writing LGBT characters as well. Fortunately, I do believe LGBT persons represent a considerable amount of comic book readers.

How thick is my skin?: I want to get published at all costs. Spare nothing. Offer creative advice without egotistical fluff.

Comparable works: I just realized that the newer Blue Beetle is heavily comparable with my work. Both star a young, impoverished protagonist who is affected by the doings of aliens. Also, Aqualad/Garth and Showtime share similar water manipulation capabilities. And, to an extent, Green Lantern is also comparable. Spiderman and Static Shock come to mind when I think of my character’s relationships with their surroundings.

What I want in a critique: I want your unabridged, uncensored opinion. Like I said before I’m ready for anything you can throw at me. If your going to bash my work I’d prefer you actually put something I can improve into it as opposed to a blatant “You and your work sucks!” I’d also love your creative input as to how I cam improve. When volatile artistic minds combine they explode into a burning star of ingenuity.



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Nov 29 2007

Quote of the Day: Nov. 29

Quotes from USMC Drill Instructor Oliver Ryan.

Dammit, maggot, if I wanted your opinion I’d give it to you!

Movies are big on “be yourself.” That’s a bunch of crap! When you’re ready to be more than just yourself, you too might make the Marines.

Goddamn… you’re drinking like someone in a Stanley Kubrick film.

I am not a “drill sergeant”, maggot!

I’m Drill Instructor Ryan. Today might be the longest day of your life… but it’ll probably be the shortest.

You can’t spell party without P-T! [author’s note: PT = physical training]

Exclamation marks make life more interesting!

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