Oct 04 2008

Inane accusations and a question for our readers

Today we got an e-mail that asked “who’s paying you to crank this [expletive] out, the CIA?”  Well, no.  As far as I know, the CIA doesn’t offer grants for superhero novels, even kickass ones with accountants and mutant alligators from Homeland Security.  In fact, judging by my ramen account, it looks like no one is paying us to write this novel.

I vaguely remember that Talladega Nights had a brief and hilarious intermission that was an Applebee’s commercial.  Would it be worthwhile for our novel [EDITOR: this is back when we were writing a novel] to include a chapter called “And Now, A Message from our Sponsors” that’s just a CIA advertisement?  Or would that be too much of an in-joke and too jarring?

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  1. Bretton 09 Oct 2008 at 7:37 am

    Go for it.

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