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Aug 05 2008

My hero’s ready to Westinghouse someone. Is yours?

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From “Thomas Edison, never shy about exploiting a situation to his advantage, especially if it could cripple a rival, therefore built the electric chair to operate on alternating current [the preferred system of his rivals]. By associating the Tesla-Westinghouse current with something as unpleasant as capital punishment, Edison hoped to turn public opinion his way. He even suggested replacing the new coinage, electrocution, with ‘to be Westinghoused.’ It never caught on.”

That invented use of “Westinghouse” is brilliant. Which words could you repurpose for your fiction?

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Aug 05 2008

Writing Tip of the Day: Avoid These Meaningless Words

If you ever come across one of these words as you rewrite, please replace it with something more specific and spicy.

  1. Good
  2. Nice
  3. Alright
  4. Well
  5. Mean (adjective)
  6. Interesting
  7. Vivid (hat-tip to anonymous commenter)
  8. Of course (hat-tip to T3knomanser)
  9. Smart (hat-tip to Jacob)

Did I forget any words you love to hate?

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Aug 05 2008

Manuscript Killers: Mary Sues

Mary Sues are characters that are overpowerful, self-insertions of the author. This article will help you identify and fix some of the biggest problems with Mary Sues.

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