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Jul 17 2008

Writing Tip of the Day: Help the Reader Suspend His Disbelief

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I read a story today that started with the sentence “This story has to begin with a small lesson in geography.”  First, starting a story with a geography lesson will earn you an instant rejection (see question #8 under the fantasy subheading).  But I was almost as annoyed by the self-referential “this story.”  When you remind the reader he’s reading a book, it’s harder for him to immerse himself in the fantasy.

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Jul 17 2008

Your Title is Bad, but You Can Fix It (Part 2)

Cadet Davis reviews and revises the titles of 30 manuscripts submitted to a writing workshop. This will help you evaluate and improve your titles.

Above Average

  1. The Merchant of Venison. This title does a remarkably good job of identifying the story as a Shakespeare parody. Also, it was the only title this week to get me to chuckle.
  2. Dogs in Clogs. This was a real head-scratcher and failed to foreshadow the plot in any meaningful way, but was invitingly weird.
  3. Creeping Death. It foreshadows the story and tone well. If I were rewriting it, I’d make it more subtle and less cliché.

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