Jul 02 2008

Season 3 of Heroes will have MORE characters!

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The creator of Heroes, Tim Kring, has promised that season 3 will have more villains. Yes, more characters… that’s exactly what Heroes needed.

“You’re going to see a lot of bad guys,” he said to Sci Fi Wire. “We’re playing off the idea of our characters as heroes or villains. So it’s really the duality of good and evil.” T.K., I will see your duality of good and evil and raise you character development, interesting traits and a well-rounded cast. For one, I’d start by killing off about half the cast…

  • Molly (way too cute and causes far too much mushiness for the cop and Suresh)
  • Suresh (he was useless in season 2 and killing him might help the writers overcome their proclivity to start every episode with a Dramatic Narration… I did, however, like him in season 1 except for the narrations).
  • Mikah (almost as bad as Molly, but with more spunkiness!)
  • Maya (in retrospect, I hope she and her brother were a cruel joke at the expense of proponents of more diversity in TV casts).
  • Everyone in Mikah’s extended family except for D.L. (no, he’s not really dead) and maybe Nikki.
  • Maybe Peter Petrelli (I found him a lot more likeable when he was Farmhand Luke than an amnesiac Luke Skywalker. Also, his actor only shows emotion with a deer-in-the-headlight look).

The single biggest problem with Heroes was that the writers overreached because they were too confident that they could make a slew of stock characters interesting by painting quickly with broad strokes. The Darling Daughter, Noble but Troubled Scientist, Spunky Son, and whatever the hell Maya is fell apart completely. The only one of the stock characters on the show that is remotely interesting is Syler, the Nietzschean psychopath. “This is usually the part when people start screaming,” indeed.

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