Mar 25 2008

Changes with Google Analytics?

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Google Analytics reports that only 40% of our visitors on Tuesday were new. Previously, that number had never been less than 90%.

Yesterday was otherwise unremarkable statistically…

Incidentally, three quarters of our traffic yesterday came from search engines. So, if we take the 40% number at face value, a lot of returning visitors (at least 15% of total site traffic) returned by using a search engine (instead of, say, just typing in the name or using a bookmark). Looking through the search queries, I didn’t see very many that looked like they would come from a returning visitor, like agent orange alligator or “captain carnage.”

This might just be a one-day fluke, but the change is so drastic that I wonder if Google Analytics has changed the way it measures the percentage of new visitors.

UPDATE: I checked the statistics again and now it says that we had 84% new users yesterday.

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