Mar 21 2008

Google Benchmarks is Running!

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An evil genius provides some opening impressions on Benchmarks.

Google Benchmarks doesn’t have very many useful categories for Superhero Nation. We probably fit best into “Comics and Animation,” even though we don’t have either.

Most importantly, I think that Benchmarks gives information that could be useful for setting (very, very loose) goals for our site.

I would like more information about the sites we’re being compared to. We’re in the “small Comics and Animation sites” category.

  1. How is the “small Comics and Animation sites” category defined? How many small C&A sites are there?
  2. What sorts of sites make up the C&A category? Is it mostly webcomics? I don’t think that Superhero Nation interacts with its audience on a comparable level to a webcomic. (Ditto pornographic and quasi-pornographic sites, obviously).
  3. Benchmarks gives us the industry benchmark averages, but can we get percentiles? Averages are frequently not useful for comparing large numbers of items because outliers skew the average a lot more than, say, percentiles or the median.

For now, that’s all I can think of.

Here is some of the information that I quickly gleaned from Benchmarks.

  1. The average bounce-rate for small C&A sites is virtually constant over time, varying between 48% and 51%. SN’s has been dropping pretty steadily to roughly 63% now.
  2. Both Superhero Nation and C&A sites as a whole get much less traffic on weekends than weekdays.
  3. ~60% of C&A audiences are new readers. We’re at around 90%.
  4. Currently we have roughly half the average traffic of a small C&A site.

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