Mar 10 2008

Get mugged!

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“A neoconservative is a liberal that’s been mugged by reality.”

Irving Kristol

Forget reality, what we care about at Superhero Nation is mugging.  Within a week, you will be able to mug yourself by spending a mere $9 on authentic Superhero Nation mugs.  Some designs we’re contemplating are…

  1. My own picture (I’m the guy in the middle of the header; no surprises there), with the tagline:  “Being bad has never looked this good.”
  2. Perhaps a PG-13 one featuring some raunchy coffee-related puns.  (“I always take it black and sweet.  Wait, you mean my coffee?”)  We’ll see.
  3. The Superhero Nation logo, with this tagline: “A neoconservative is a liberal that’s been mugged by reality; a Superhero National is a comic book fan that’s been mugged by political science.”
  4. “The human brain only operates at 10% capacity.  Hence, coffee.”  — Catastrophe
  5. “Death before dishonor, but nothing before caffeine.”

Clearly we need to have another editorial board meeting on this subject.  [For the love of Buddha, get the rights to a Paingod illustration.  If we can’t sell a mug with a quote from Paingod, we should just pack it up right now.– Cadet Davis]

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