Mar 03 2008

She did WHAT to a kitten?

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I saw this note in the Washington Post:

California’s North County Times has fired an editor with a warped sense of humor. As a joke, the unnamed editor mucked with a wire-service account of a news conference on pet spaying at which a Los Angeles City Council member ‘held a kitten,’ changing the verb to ‘strangled.’ The paper apologized for the ‘terrible mistake.’ ” Whoops!

In addition to writing articles, I work as one of my newspaper’s wire editors. Although I can’t recall any “strangled a kitten” moments, we do frequently put typos in our headlines. In the average edition of our paper, a wire editor only types 75-100 words. Though I don’t recall committing a headline typo, my event articles are usually riddled with poor writing. (Event articles are written the night the event happens, so there’s less time for me to think through my outline).

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  1. greenlampon 03 Mar 2008 at 11:40 am

    Actually, one guy wrote the “strangled” joke on a proof. Another editor was stupid enough to type it in. Her BS detector was off. However, it was the former and not the latter who was fired.

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