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Mar 01 2010

Peter Parker got fired…

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…and faces eviction.  I bet he feels like an idiot now for not selling those inauguration tickets.

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Mar 01 2010

Illustrating the Economics of E-Books

Two things jump out at me here.  First, the author’s royalty is proportionally much larger with e-books than hardcovers (20-25% compared to 15%, and even lower for paperbacks).  Second, since distributing an e-book is cheaper, the cost to consumers should drop considerably.

Picture taken from the New York Times.  Full article here.  This statistic caught my eye: “The industry is based on the understanding that as much as 70 percent of the books published will make little or no money at all for the publisher once costs are paid.”

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Mar 01 2010

Fill in the Caption: Batman Slapping Robin

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