Oct 08 2009

The FTC Won’t Let Me Be

Legal disclaimer time! The FTC is requiring US bloggers, as of December 1, to disclose the receipt of free products. 

1.  Please assume that every novel and comic book I review has been given to me as a promotional copy. 

2.  I honestly review everything I receive.  If it’s horrible, I will gleefully document its crippling flaws even though it may hurt the feelings of the publisher in question. (Boohoohoo– if you want a friend, buy a dog). 

3.  If you find it objectionable that I am reviewing promotional copies, please feel free to donate to my Paypal account.  For each $10 I receive, I will buy and review one book.  If you are concerned that my professional integrity could be compromised by corporate samples, put your money where your mind is!   

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