Oct 11 2008

Comic Book Covers: Samples from War Heroes

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War Heroes held a contest where fans could pick the cover they’d end up using.  Many of the submissions were quite good.

This shows a great grasp of anatomy and the poses are decent, but the uniforms look they came out of GI Joe.  I mean, a camouflaged cowboy hat?  Come on.  That just feels goofy.  I’m not sure what to make of the use of the US flag here.  It seems like the artist has used it to cover up that he hasn’t actually drawn these characters in a location.  They’re just floating in a vacuum somewhere.

Wow.  I loved this.  The concept was both innovative and well-executed.

This is definitely more ideologically charged, but I found the contrast between the soldier and the poster very visually gripping.  That said, I really wonder what stylistic instructions the artists received prior to submitting.  This poster just does not sell the same story as the previous one.  Unless the War Heroes comic is as bleak as this cover makes it out to be, this cover is a huge red herring.

This looks far too much like Vietnam.  It would make an excellent cover for a comic book series about regular soldiers in the Vietnam War, but it’s an awful cover for a series about modern, superpowered soldiers.

I like the incorporation of neon blue and a clear blue sky, although the hand looks a bit creepy.  The action shots here aren’t bad, either.  This was virtually the only cover to use distinctly fictional uniforms and it turned out well.

I liked the one with the flying airman much better.

The US flag in the background is lazy, but it makes the soldiers feel friendlier and more heroic.   (However, that may be inconsistent with the comic, judging by the bleaker entries).  The anatomy and explosions are a bit simplistic, but I was impressed that the artist knew to place the US flag backwards on the soldier’s shoulder.  The coloring is not very good.

Mediocre.  This lacks a gripping visual and any indication that superpowers are involved.  Also, the lens flare off the goggles is distracting.

That’s an excellent slogan, but I think the accompanying visual needs to be more evocative.  Also, I would lose the period in the opening line.

The clouds/explosions in the background are too clean.  The soldier’s anatomy is pretty good, but this shot makes him look extremely awkward and clunky, like he’s lumbering towards the enemy a la Godzilla.  The lasers that are being shot at him are also poor.

I love the feel of this one, but the eyes should probably stand out more to compensate for the dark brownness of everything else.

The lighting effects seem out of place.  This looks kind of cluttered.  I like the vehicles, but the figures here need to be redone.

“Super Powers!  Super Victory!”  That’s a great play on WWII recruitment posters… That said, the soldier and the foreground will probably bore modern eyes.  And that flag is a huge wasted opportunity– it should jump off the page.  It needs far more style.  I’d also recommend revising “Are you a War Hero?” to “Want to be a War Hero?”  or “Ready to be a War Hero?”

Except for the guy screaming in the background, this was very forgettable.

This doesn’t look good.  The circle doesn’t fit well in the rectangle.  Putting the title will help take up some of the ugly black space at the top of the cover, but not enough.  The coloring was pretty forgettable here.

I like the slogan, but using a Soviet-style poster to sell a story about American soldiers is very odd.  The WWII-style posters were far closer to the mark.

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  1. meon 04 Nov 2011 at 8:05 pm

    the last one is modeled after a German recruitment poster

  2. B. McKenzieon 04 Nov 2011 at 8:53 pm

    Hmm, could you send me a link? I’m looking at German WWII recruitment posters and, so far, they look more detailed than Communist posters. As far as I know, doing a person in just 2-4 tones is more a hallmark of Communist art than Nazi art.

  3. Ausfildon 21 Jan 2013 at 3:18 pm

    The last one it is a horrible copy of a spanish republican army poster (1936-1939).

    Google = “Al front”

  4. B. McKenzieon 21 Jan 2013 at 4:23 pm

    Ah, good eye, Ausfild.

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