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May 18 2008

Atheism, Religion and Mutated Alligator Drivers

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AGENT ORANGE: Greetings, Mammal-Black! Do you remember that time I seized your driving wheel when we were set upon by hoodlums armed with rocket launchers?

AGENT BLACK: That time you nearly destroyed half of Washington from the passenger seat of a government-issued sedan? Yeah. That was last week.

AGENT ORANGE: (If your reflexes were as sharp as your memory, perhaps you could drive next time). In any case, it has come to my attention that the Vatican has named me a Defender of the Faith.

AGENT BLACK: I didn’t know that you were Catholic.

AGENT ORANGE: Indeed. My heart beats only for the Gator Gods.


AGENT ORANGE: I’m an 100% effective cure for atheism!



AGENT ORANGE: Well, when I took the wheel apparently everybody prayed.

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May 18 2008


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The US government has introduced a fitness test for adults. Did you know that the government thinks it’s “normal” to have a 500-inch waist circumference?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if you have a 500 inch waist, you probably do not have a 24.1 BMI.

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