Apr 03 2008

Everything is Better with Zombies

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9 out of 10 writers (good ones, anyway) agree that anything will become better if you add zombies. That’s why Maureen Johnson has expanded her Insert a Zombie contest, where you write a paragraph up to 250 words that takes someone else’s scene and adds some brain-eating.

Scott Westerfeld offers us this take on Charles Dickens. In fact, it is probably the only good thing to ever come of Charles Dickens.

It was the best of apocalypses, it was the worst of apocalypses. It was an age of brain eating, it was an age of shotguns. It was the epoch of damaging the head, or of removing it from the body. It was the season of light infantry weapons, it was the season of dark pursuits through abandoned sewers. We had everything at the local mall before us, but there were too many zombies in the way. In short, the period was so far like the present period—except for, you know, all the frickin’ zombies.

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