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May 29 2012

This Is Sort of Cute

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A mother needed help convincing her four-year-old (who suffers from severe hearing loss) to wear a hearing aid. He thought it was decidedly unbadass. In response to a letter from the mother, Marvel Comics created a superhero who used a hearing aid to detect crime.  This strikes me as a very thoughtful gesture (and, although it would probably cheapen the moment, very cost-effective public relations).

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May 29 2012

Legolas Arrow’s Review Forum

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Legolas Arrow writes:

“It has happened before and it has happened again, when the worlds of the great gods and men collide. It happened first in Greece–the Greeks were the first men to inhabit the time zone in which gods and mortals were in a realm together. Eventually, they were separated.


Now, the connection has resurfaced again. The mortals were afraid to turn from their single god, but eventually accepted reality. But, with the gods came the monsters. Beasts from Tarturus rose once again, set loose by the gods of old, the Primordials and the Titans. The mortal men fight for thier lives using their new fancy technology and guns to slay these beasts in a never-ending war.


Of course, there are times as well when the gods come in closer contact with the mortal realm. There are times when a god may come, and have a child with a mortal. These Demi-Gods wielded aspects of godly power and mortal will. They are the ultimate anti-monster fighting force. The army realized this. At the age of eighteen, each year all those of age eighteen are drawn to their local military camps to serve for ten years against the monsters. After they went through the Demi-God trials to see if people were in fact of godly heritage.


These Demi-Gods are then sent to an advanced training camp. They are out-fitted with special issue armor crafted from god-metal, an alloy of incredible strength crafted by none other than Hephastus to be used by the Demi-Gods and to be especially effective in slaying monsters.


Target Audience: Preferably young adults. It may also appeal to fans of the Percy Jackson series.”

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