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Feb 19 2012

Zoey’s Review Forum

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I provide advice about how to write novels, comic books and graphic novels. Most of my content applies to fiction-writing in general, but I also provide articles specifically about superhero stories.

Zoey: “I’m writing a YA story about a pulling pranks, getting in trouble, getting put in jail, and hitchhiking to Florida.”

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Feb 19 2012

The Navy’s Five Most Sitcom-ish Screw-Ups

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#4 is accidentally attempting to assassinate the President–it somehow gets worse.  Oh, by the way, all five screw-ups happened on one ship (the William D. Porter).



One screw-up Cracked doesn’t mention is that FDR asked his Secret Service attendee to wheel him over to the side of the battleship so that he could see the incoming torpedo.  That reminds me of the Nedelin disaster, where a Soviet space commander got ~120 people killed (including himself) by watching a shuttle from the launch pad rather than the bunker.

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Feb 19 2012

Brandon’s Review Forum

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Brandon writes:


“Unlikely savior Bryan Deleon has discovered his true self and his powers at the young age of 13. Forced away to “Lost Angeles” by the king he raises himself until he is 18. The world is overrun by a murderous threat called the Dark Axis and there are only a select amount of individuals who can stop this plague and bring the world back to its regular state and not be entirely eaten up by the “dark sister” of Earth. Bryan and his friends must embark on a perilous journey in order to stop the world from being entirely consumed by Thrae.


Facing many new friends, enemies, and rivals Bryan is introduced to the real side of life, the one the media and the government, particularly the king; his father has hidden for countless years. This is the reality and it is scary, will this batch of heroes have what it takes to take back the world from tyranny or fall victim to the leech of a world.


Bryan is an introverted teen who lost his memory shortly after being banished by his own father. Now 18 years old, Bryan must re-discover himself and discover the harsh and overly brutal reality that life has its jagged edges and leaves deep scars. He can’t turn down his quest save if he wishes for the world to slowly implode within itself.


His friends are much more charismatic than him; Chase and Sarah bring out the best in him though. Through time he grows to be a very insightful and incredibly powerful catalyst who both leads a rebellion against his father’s kingdom and takes down a tyrant bent on sucking Earth dry of resources and teleporting them to Thrae.”

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