Feb 09 2012

Superhero Nation Response Times

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Our reviewing options:
  • Free advice: I generally respond to writing/editing questions within 2-14 days. Please email your question to superheronation-at-gmail-dot-com or leave a comment anywhere on SN.  If you haven’t received a response within 5 days, please feel free to politely remind me once (either by emailing or commenting).
  • Expedited advice: If 2-14 days is not fast enough, I’d be happy to expedite your request for some nominal fee (like $10 / hour). If an editor’s time is not worth even $10 an hour to you, I’d suggest waiting 2-14 days for free advice. If neither of those is an option, thank you for your time, but I’d like to pass on reviewing your work because I don’t think that it will be a mutually happy experience.


Thanks for your questions!

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  1. gurlson 10 Apr 2013 at 6:59 am

    B.MAC: Sorry, I read it wrong. I thougt it was two-four days.

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