Jun 05 2010

Some features of Adobe CS5 that may help your comic book…

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Unfortunately, it’s $200 for the upgrade.  Ouch.  Nonetheless, some of the features look like dynamite. Here are some that might help your comic book work.

Irregular selections have gotten vastly cleaner. The edges will usually be irregular around a person’s hair, an animal’s fur or whiskers, any object moving fast enough to blur (such as helicopter rotors, as seen in my header) and around glowing objects, among others.  If you’re working on a comic book with lasers, fireballs or other glow-heavy effects, you’ll probably have a lot of irregular edges.

Mixer Brush looks like it’s useful for turning photos into attractive paintings and possibly cartoons. That would be really useful for me: I like using photos for backgrounds, but it looks weird when cartoons are placed on photographs.  (See my header above–the cartoon characters clash with the photographic office and skyline). Alternately, if you’d like to use a photo for your background but want it to look more distinct or extraordinary than it would as a photograph, the mixer brush may make your life a lot easier.

Puppet Warp. You can assign anchors to your selection and rotate it in a natural-looking way.  For example, if you assign an anchor to to the joints of a human arm and wrist, you can take a picture of a guy raising his hand and rotate the arm so that it’s at his side.  I wouldn’t feel very comfortable using this professionally for a comic book (because your art is done to order and should not need to be rotated artificially), but it might help make minor adjustments quickly instead of contacting your artist and waiting 1-2 business days for a response. Also, I’d generally prefer not to bother an artist with something really bizarre and nitpicky like asking to straighten out an askew hat.

Content Aware Fill is so good at removing objects it’s scary.  This is more useful when you’re working with photographs rather than original digital artwork, but I could sort of see myself using this professionally.  (For example, to declutter a picture I’m using for a background).  Also, removing ex-lovers and political dissidents from photos has never been simpler.

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