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May 07 2010

Notable queries this week

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I provide advice about how to write novels, comic books and graphic novels. Most of my content applies to fiction-writing in general, but I also provide articles specifically about superhero stories.

  • how to submit a comic book script.  Each publisher has its own submission guidelines.  Here’s a list of publishers accepting unsolicited submissions.  I’d recommend submitting your work to a few publishers that work with stories similar to yours.
  • how to write like star wars books.  Suck.
  • “agent orange”, lizard, sunglasses.  Please see the Agent Orange category.
  • 25 genetic facts about the superhero spawn.  WTF?
  • Superhero police procedurals.  I liked DC’s Gotham Central and Marvel’s District X.  I’m not aware of any others and those two didn’t sell particularly well.  The people that like police procedurals generally don’t read comics, and vice versa.  Also, the comic book medium doesn’t lend itself well to procedurals, I feel.  Police investigations are generally quite complicated  (which usually takes more space to convey than a comic book series has) and might suffer from a lack of epic visuals.
  • do comic writers need literary agents? No.  There are a few agents that represent comic book writers, but it’s definitely not as prevalent as in novels.  (Nowadays, something like 70% of first-time novelists break into the industry with an agent).
  • what are some good weapons for superheroes? It depends on your target audience and medium, I think–it’s easier to get away with blood-shedding weapons like swords and guns if you’re writing a comic book for adults or a novel.  Besides that, I’d recommend looking at weapons that don’t draw blood (such as bludgeoning/blunt or lassos/whips/belts-used-as-whips).  Alternately, I think you can usually make weapons seem less nasty by setting the character against non-human opponents (such as machines or uncuddly animals).
  • what did the Fahrenheit 451 book have that the movie lacked? Fluent English, among other things.  The movie was written by Jean-Louis Ricard and Francois Truffaut and something got mangled in the translation.

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