Oct 16 2009

The Best of #Queryfail on Twitter

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The query is a letter written to an agent or publisher explaining what you’re writing and why they should want to represent/publish you. #Queryfail collects amusing anecdotes about authors that need to work a bit more on their pitch.

  • “The only thing worse than ignoring guidelines because you think you’re special is actually telling me that in the query.” — AgentGame
  • “Querying for a book you admit isn’t great, but saying you thought you’d take a shot at getting an agent anyway? Obnoxious.” — AgentGame
  • “REMEMBER 50k words is not enough to get your novel published – most pubs want 75 – 120k novels!” —EelKat [B. Mac adds— most of the advice I’ve seen in this field suggests that first-timers should stay south of 100,000 words, but some genres are more forgiving than others.]
  • Before you query, read your first few pages aloud and tape-record yourself. I bet you’ll identify problems.
  • All agents who received “Book Query 51” today, raise your hand.

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