Jul 20 2009

Comic-Con Travel Advice

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I’m just getting back from San Diego.  If my brother had had the foresight to schedule his wedding a week later than he had, perhaps we could have done Comic-Con.  (Because comic books are obviously awesomer than real life… haha).  Here are some San Diego tips that might help you if you’re going to Comic-Con.

1.  Traffic wasn’t awful, but the street names are horribly similar. If you’re going to be driving, make sure you know the exact street names.  In particular, La Jolla loves to use street names like “La Jolla Rd.” and “La Jolla Drive” and “La Jolla Colony.” My brother would like to add that “traffic in the areas around the convention will be nightmarish.”

2.  Pretty much every hotel room in town is already booked up for the convention. (According to the concierge at my hotel, they’ve been booked for about 6 weeks now).  At this point, your best option is to look at rooms outside of SD proper.

3.  California’s restaurant chains are beyond bad. I’d recommend hitting independent restaurants sooner rather than later.  In particular, I’d recommend staying away from Jack in the Box, Carl’s Jr., In-and-Out Burger and California Pizza Kitchen.   Rubio’s was okay, I suppose.

4.  Best cheap non-convention attractions: I really enjoyed the Maritime Museum and the beaches.  Also, a boating trip through the bay was unexpectedly the highlight of my trip because we saw a ton of fireworks and the USS Nimitz in port.  (Did you know San Diego has bridges big enough for an aircraft carrier to fit under?  Yeah…)

5.  I was underwhelmed by the San Diego Zoo. Parking was nuts,  admission was $35 and the only attraction I would recommend is the sea-lion show.
TRAINER:  Do you think this sea-lion knows what a shark looks like?  He’s never seen one before.

KID ON-STAGE:  No way!

*The loud-speakers suddenly start playing the Jaws theme*.  The sea-lion hit the deck and put one of his fins up, making him look just like a shark.  Haha!

If you have that much money to spend, I’d recommend something like Sea World instead.

6.  San Diego’s drivers are fairly dangerous. On the plus side, it was more like “I’m kind of blind” than “I’m trying out for NASCAR!

7.  Wash your hands, especially if you go to the beach. Three members of our wedding party got swine flu.

Okay, that’s enough travel advice for one lifetime. I’m excited to get back to superhero writing advice.

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  1. J.M.on 20 Jul 2009 at 9:01 am

    What heresy did you just commit? You just dissed IN-And-Out!?!

    I’m not sure we can be friends anymore, B. Mac.

  2. B. Macon 20 Jul 2009 at 9:15 am

    I did! … I’m sorry to hear that we can’t be friends. See, this is why I hate doing travel advice. 😉

    If you’re ever in the D.C. area, I highly recommend 5 Guys. Their burgers are excellent. In the Chicagoland area, I think that Portillo’s and Culver’s are better-rounded than I&O Burger, and Redamak’s does big-and-greasy burgers better than anyone.

    San Diego has many excellent indy restaurants, though. I am a huge fan of Taco Motion.

  3. Marissaon 20 Jul 2009 at 4:05 pm

    Yikes, Swine Flu. Go wash your hands again, for my mental security. 😛

  4. Paul A.on 21 Jul 2009 at 2:34 pm

    There’s a 5 Guys here in Madison. That might be the nearest one to Chicago.

  5. B. Macon 21 Jul 2009 at 8:50 pm

    Whoa, awesome! According to Five Guys’ website, they have locations in Chicago and Naperville. And one in Bloomington, which is probably a 15 minute drive for me.

  6. Lavapulseon 22 Jul 2009 at 9:08 pm

    Haha, weirdly enough I didn’t realize that some of those restaurant chains are only in California. I need to get out of the state more. I agree, though, that In and Out’s menu is pretty limited.

    Awesome first comment huh? (<–sarcasm) Hooray for non lurker-dom!

  7. Marissaon 22 Jul 2009 at 9:09 pm

    Better than nothing, Lavapulse! Welcome to Superhero Nation.

  8. B. Macon 22 Jul 2009 at 10:26 pm

    We have California Pizza Kitchens in the Chicago suburbs. I’ve never seen an In and Out Burger or Carl’s Jr, though. I’ve seen ads for Jack in the Box, so I assume that they’re around, but I’ve never seen any.

    I have a similar anecdote of my own. I once set a story in an NYC Target. The two New Yorkers in the class pointed out that Target doesn’t have locations inside NYC. Whoops! The lesson I took away is that using real-world brandnames can be tricky.

    New York City is pretty prominent within the world of publishing, so I’d bet that at least one person evaluating a manuscript would pick up that sort of mistake.

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