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Dec 12 2008

How is your story better than its competitors?

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The guys at Atomic Robo compiled a Few Simple Rules to keep their work from making the same mistakes as other comic book series.

…maybe it’s unfair to say that we “hate” comics. More accurately, we hate the reality of the state of American comics today; what comics have become… We see so many titles making the same mistakes that pushed us away from comics in the ’90s, and the tragedy is that these are wholly unnecessary elements and easily remedied. But it feels like no one ever does.

They have five solutions.

  1. No angst.
  2. No “cheesecake” (ass-shots of women and other distasteful treatment).
  3. No reboots. When something happens, it can’t unhappen.
  4. No filler.
  5. No delays.

I really like those, and I will add eight rules for my work.

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