Oct 06 2008

A comic that looks interesting and well-written: ODD Squad

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The Odd Squad is a witty take on paranormal agencies like the Men in Black.  Here’s the synopsis:

“As the new head of the Office of Dimensional Defense (O.D.D.), Charlotte Becker fails to get her first pick among the department’s new recruits. When the best she can get turns out to be a geeky blogger, a flaky psychic, and her air-headed sister, she faces some stiff odds—namely a competing agency who doesn’t want the truth exposed.”

I love the competing agency angle, but the synopsis is not as smoothly written as the comic.  Here’s a sample page for ODD Squad.

The FBI agent is remarkably engaging even though he says very little.  He has great chemistry with the paranormal researcher.  But I have two concerns.  First, the lettering’s not easy to read.  Second, the story’s main character (the researcher) has none of the laugh-lines and doesn’t seem well-written.  Her  jokes, like the quip about her boyfriend, completely fizzled.  I suspect the story will suffer when the FBI agent is absent.

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  1. anonon 07 Oct 2008 at 6:08 am

    Tommy Lee Jones is pretty awesome…

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