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Sep 27 2008

Heroes’ season-premiere was worse than season 2

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Apparently I’m not the only one that thinks it’s past its sell-by date.

Hoping that the show would overcome its second-season slump, I watched the third-season premiere.  It was ridiculously bad… even worse than last season.  Here are some spoiler-heavy observations…

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Sep 27 2008

RIP, Paul Newman

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In cinema, he was best known for his performances in films like Butch Cassidy, but he also played the villain in the phenomenally funny Hudsucker Proxy.  Along with Team America and Canadian Bacon, it’s the only movie with heavy political undertones that I find remotely watchable.  This clip is most funny from 3:10 to the end.

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Sep 27 2008

A widget I’d really like to have: a word-counter

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The widget would count the words of all articles tagged with the category in question and then display that for readers.  “B. Mac has written 12,500 words on ‘Characterization.'”  “B. Mac has written 30,000 words on ‘The Superhero Nation Novel.'”  If you want to get really fancy (or sadistic, depending on how much you procrastinate), you could add a feature where the word-counter breaks down results by month.  “B. Mac has written 0 words on ‘The Superhero Nation Novel’ in September 2008.”

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