Aug 14 2008

Comments are Content– Edit Accordingly

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If you are (or want to be) a credible writer, hopefully your sentences are free of spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes. No one will take your website seriously if you write like you’re texting a message. With that in mind, please check the last five comments that users have left on your blog. Do any of them meet the level you set for yourself? Even on the writing sites I follow, the comments are poorly written, sometimes so poorly that they reflect poorly on the website. Even intelligent comments are often hidden behind grammatical nonchalance. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Edit comments for grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  2. Delete comments that would waste a reader’s time. If you think that the comment is borderline, ask the commenter to elaborate. For example, we were able to coax useful suggestions from someone that said “your site is awful.”
  3. Cite intelligent comments and e-mails prominently in your own writing. This will encourage users to participate and give them an incentive to excel.
  4. If anyone posts a link to his own website without offering any intelligent insights, delete the link.  Encourage him to try again as soon as he thinks he has something to offer.
  5. Try to pare down puffery.  I enjoy getting “this post is interesting” comments, but masses of them will stall readers.

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