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Oct 11 2009

Website Review: Mike Angley

I provide advice about how to write novels, comic books and graphic novels. Most of my content applies to fiction-writing in general, but I also provide articles specifically about superhero stories.

Today I came across Mike Angley’s website— Mike Angley is an OSI veteran (hu-ah!) that writes paranormal military fiction.  This review will help you design and write an effective website to market your writing.    

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Jul 12 2009

This is a cool concept…

Asaya’s Blog: How to Write and Draw the Supernatural is a blog similar to this one.  It offers writing advice focused on supernatural fiction.  Quick question.  What kind of stories would you consider to be supernatural fiction?  It strikes me as a slightly more open-ended category than, say, “superhero stories.”

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Jul 10 2009

Website Advice: How to Deal with the Summer Slump

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Here are a few trends about the “summer slump” in internet use.  (Well, when it’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway).

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Jun 13 2009

Sequential Chicago…

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Both Chicago and comic books are pretty awesome.  Hence Sequential Chicago, for all of your Chicago comic book needs.  Hmm.  Is this a half-baked idea or a well-targeted niche?  What do you think?

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May 04 2009

How to Design Your Blog’s Front Page

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1.  Make it clear what you offer and why readers should stick around. For example, if you wandered across Superhero Nation, you might stick around because you wanted superhero writing advice or because you want my observations about writing.  The trick is to make this as blatant as possible:  for example, I repeat myself in the title, in the header art, in the page headings, in the side-bar, etc.  Everyone focuses on different elements of the page, so it pays to be redundant.

2.  Stay away from adspeak and flowery language. For example, our title includes the phrase “how to write superhero novels and comic books.”  That’s much more user-friendly than something like “superhero writing insights.”  What’s an insight?  Don’t make readers struggle to translate what you’ve written.

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Mar 24 2009

Tips for Writers That Want to Blog

Over two years, several hundred thousand page-views and 750 posts, I’ve accumulated some thoughts on what makes a blog successful.

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Jan 24 2009

What is the appeal of three-column websites?

Just wondering.

(We’ve also considered the appeal of Twilight and The Hulk).

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