Sep 17 2016


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I spent 5 hours this week watching Man of Steel and taking 5,000 words of notes. It was like being trapped on an alien planet where the atmosphere consists 80% of characters telling Clark what incredible, grandiose things he symbolizes, 20% of daringly bad action scenes, 15% of grimly constipated expressions, and 15% of acting this bad. 130% lethal to humans.

And they haven't even mentioned the zombie part yet

(Much) more to follow for the masochistically inclined.

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  1. Jed Hon 18 Sep 2016 at 8:47 pm

    Ahahaha can’t wait for the full review :D.

  2. Xbimpyxon 18 Sep 2016 at 9:08 pm

    MOS is a horrible story, specifically one from the superhero genre, because its protagonist is incactive, dialogue unfriendly, and nondescript in terms of how his wants, needs, and motivations are dramatized. Overall he is boring to watch since nothing interesting comes to my revelation through whatever ounce of agency he does show.

    That’s the biggest reason out of many big reasons. Others are like this post and similar ones like it from the fan base. Secondary characters ANNOUNCING us his developmental/themeatic arc and conflict instead of you know, putting them both into the story! Author intrusion on the nose writing at its best!

    Also the antagonist was incompetent, which is a let down when the protagonist has no apparent internal force, such as emotions, to overcome.

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