Mar 12 2012

If You’re a Fan of Chess…

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I found this Bobby Fischer graphic novel interesting.  It’s refreshing to see a use of chess that isn’t a Hollywood cliche (e.g. the villain bullying the hero around the board until the hero unleashes a checkmate at the last moment).  I think the characterization could be stronger, though–that would probably help give it some appeal beyond chess fans.


If you’re not a chess fan, it’s similar to a sport, but with more violence*, State Department shenanigans, and (above all) bedroom hijinx with Russians of dubious character.  In most sports, if a guy flops, he’s probably trying to draw a foul call from a referee.  In chess, a guy flops because he drank a KGB cocktail.


*Assuming you’re playing it right.  Who would waste poison on a beginner?

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  1. Nightwireon 25 Mar 2012 at 8:47 pm

    Do you know that a single game of chess causes more egregious death than Monopoly does in a year? It’s personal experience.

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