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Oct 21 2011

P. Mac really liked Wearing the Cape

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PM thought Wearing the Cape had convincing characterization, a superpowered world that still felt believable and even one realistic-sounding Supreme Court controversy.  He was impressed that the main character sounded very much like a female even though the author is a male.  I’ll read it and let you know.

UPDATE: He’s having second thoughts about the romance.  He thought that the two characters had about as much reason to fall in love as an abusive ~100-year old vampire and a vapid teenager without any redeeming qualities.

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Oct 21 2011

An unusually amusing bit of college fundraising writing

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I have one minor suggestion. Most major donors tend to be older and deeply wealthy businessmen, whereas this video is clearly aimed at a younger, less affluent audience. It might have helped to randomly feature one small donor (maybe by selling $25 or $50 raffle tickets to be featured).

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