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May 28 2011

I really liked this raffle response

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I’m writing a comic book series, The Taxman Must Die, that’s a wacky mix of an office comedy and a national security thriller.  Two unlikely secret agents– an accountant and a mutant alligator–have to save the world. From themselves, mostly.  Check out five free sample pages here! Please sign up for my TTMD raffle (no registration required) and you might win a free signed copy of The Taxman Must Die whenever it comes out.  Everybody else in the raffle will get one e-mail letting them know where they can buy it when it comes out.


PS: I’m also giving a free signed copy to the person that responded to  “Which city is closest to you?” with “I’m an international man of mystery” and “Which state/province are you from?” with “What part of ‘international mystery’ don’t you understand?”  I like your style, mystery man, even though I can’t use your demographic information in my pitch to publishers.  🙂

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