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Jan 02 2011

My Take on Rewrites

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1.  Unless your plot has changed dramatically, I’d rather not review a rewritten chapter, especially before the manuscript’s first draft is completed.  Generally, it’s a lot more productive for an author to keep moving forward.  I’d love to review your next chapter!


2.  Unless you’re really, really stuck, I’d recommend holding off on any heavy rewriting before the manuscript’s first draft is complete.  You’ll have a much better idea of where the story is going once you have the first draft done and that will make your rewrites vastly more effective.  It will be much easier to organize the story and determine what is worth keeping or accentuating or removing after the first draft is complete.  Before that, trying to do a rewrite is like drawing up a map to somewhere you haven’t been yet.


3.  In most of the cases where I’ve reviewed early rewrites, the authors got demoralized because things weren’t improving as much as they had hoped.  But it wasn’t their fault or a reflection on their talent.  Before the first draft is completed, everything will suck, regardless of your talent level or how many times you rewrite a chapter.  The only way to break out of “first draft hell” is to finish the first draft.

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Jan 02 2011

A.T. Marie’s Review Forum

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I’m writing a superhero memoir.

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Jan 02 2011

New contact form!

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I can now be reached through my online contact form here.  (Thanks, P. Mac!)  If you’d like to send me a formatted e-mail (such as, say, a comic book script), I can still be reached at superheronation-at-gmail-dot-com.

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