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Jul 04 2010

This superhero anthology looks interesting…

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Simon and Shuster is releasing a superhero anthology later this month.  (Hat-tip: SF Signal).  Some of the stories include:

  • “Head Cases blasts through the blogosphere to expose the secret longings of a Lonely Superhero Wife.”
  • “The Non-Event removes the gag order on a super-thief named Lockjaw and pries out a confession of life-altering events.”
  • “Vacuum Lad unveils the secret origins of the first true child of the space age—and disproves the theory that nothing exists in a vacuum.”
  • “A to Z in the Ultimate Big Company Superhero Universe (Villains Too) presents a fully-realized vision of a universe where epic feats and tragic flaws have transformed the human race.”

(By the way, when you write summaries of your stories, don’t use these for inspiration.  Besides Head Cases, they’re pretty awful).

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