Apr 21 2010

Comic book movies without superheroes have struggled recently

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I want to see The Losers when it comes out, although it’s probably awful, and was pleasantly surprised by Kick-Ass (which has a 77% rating on Rotten Tomatoes).  This got me thinking about financially successful comic book movies without superheroes.  After running some numbers, I found they’re really rare nowadays.

According to Box Office Mojo, 18 films adapted from comic books took in over $150 million.  All but three of these blockbusters (Men in Black, MIB II and 300) were superhero movies.  Of the 15 superhero blockbusters, 8 came out from 2005-2010, 4 came out from 2000-2005, and just the three early Batman movies came out before that.

Another 19 films adapted from comic books took in $75-150 million.  Of these, 12 were superhero movies.  Of the superhero movies, 6 came out from 2005-2010, 3 came out from 2000-2005, and 3 were older than that (Superman, Superman II and Batman & Robin).  The non-superhero movies tended to be significantly older.  The only non-superhero movie from 2005-2010 in this range was Wanted (possibly*).  From 2000-2005, there was only Road to Perdition.  Then there were five older ones.

*The Wanted comics feature superheroes and supervillains quite prominently.  The movie used assassins instead.  (Other murky calls: I consider Blade, Constantine and Hellboy to be superheroes, but not the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

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